Bitter Gourd Juicing For Good Health


This extremely bitter tasting vegetable is packed with minerals and vitamins. Bitter gourd goes my many names, including bitter cucumber, bitter melon and bitter apple. In India, bitter gourd is known as kerala. Juice made of bitter gourd is said to give healthy, glowing and acne-free skin. Besides this old wives tale, bitter gourd has numerous other health benefits.

1. Fights Diabetes
Bitter gourd contains a hypoglycemic compound (a plant insulin) that is very effective for keeping blood sugar levels down. For those suffering from diabetes mellitus, this is known to increase the glucose intolerance.

2. Hemorrhoids (or Piles)
Drinking juice made of bitter gourd can help those suffering from hemorrhoids. You can also make a paste of the bitter gourd plant and apply it on the affected area.

3. Constipation
Bitter gourd is rich in dietary fiber and promotes a healthy digestion and can also provide constipation relief.

4. Improves Eyesight
As bitter gourd contains a high amount of beta-carotene, it can also help to improve eyesight.

5. Toxemia
Sip two teaspoons of bitter gourd juice daily to cleanse the liver. Bitter gourd has beneficial properties that can cleanse the blood from toxins.

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