Who Said I’m Not Creative?


Our society puts us into boxes, and we do the same to ourselves. We tell ourselves, for example, “I’m a business person so I’ll leave art to the artists.” But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are other ways of looking at the creative process that are more in sync with how it actually works.

This narrow labeling in encouraged whenever I ask someone, “What do you do?” There is an assumption that we do one thing alone and not many different things that affect one another. I should consider saying to a person that I meet for the first time, “What are the different things that you do?”

We might ask ourselves, “Where is the creative spirit most active in my life?”

Where is it most inactive? What do I do every day that can become a basis for creative expression?”

By looking more imaginatively at what you do everyday, you will see that you are already a creator.


About Author

Pamela Kaur

Pamela is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and Student of Life. She is currently living in Singapore, drawing inspiration from her travels and learning as much as she can about Life, Yoga and Healing through Art Therapy. Her main goal is to offer healing through Yoga, Reiki and Art Therapy an hopes that through her writing she can bring about even a small shift in the overall consciousness of human beings. You can contact her at pamela@almondsandraisins.com. Pamela is also one of the co-founders and a therapist at Almonds & Raisins